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Six Steps That Can Help You Become an App Millionaire

My First Million Concept With Smartphone

Six Steps That Can Help You Become an App Millionaire

When you're a tech magnate, the one thing you want more than anything is to break onto the scene with a million dollar app idea. One scroll through Google Play and iTunes shows thousands of apps available and you do the math of $1.99 per download a million times over. It seems so simple. What a great way to be set for life.

It's simple, but not necessarily easy. Certainly don't go into it if you're only looking to get rich quick. The people who have become rich from app development really know what they're doing.
It's not impossible, though, to take that million dollar app idea and make it work.

  1. Keep It Simple

new mobile app doesn’t necessarily need a lot of bells and whistles to be successful. A common misconception is that the most successful apps are complex and do dozens of things at once while interacting worldwide through intricate databases. That's not necessarily how to approach app development. Start with something that solves a simple problem or creates an experience. Never overthink an idea. Take for example the lightsaber app. It’s made well over a million dollars. It's so simple, it uses graphics in tandem with a phone's gyroscope to engage a sound. It isn't even useful, but it's been a great success. Sometimes a million dollar idea starts as a $20 idea that someone has the foresight to make better.

By the way, the idea of a free starter version followed by paying to unlock special features is also simple. And successful. The basic version of the lightsaber app is free, but you pay to unlock different colors and sounds.

  1. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Useless apps can be found everywhere and they get passed over because they don’t offer anything that a better designed app doesn’t already have. If your app can solve a problem for people, great. Maybe you can hit the jackpot with a "silly" idea (like the lightsaber), but chances are it can lose popularity quickly and get forgotten. Solving a problem or providing a helpful service can potentially build a loyal base of followers. Look at the breathalyzer app. So useful and saves lives.

  1. Make it Easy to Use

One of the main reasons top apps become top apps is because people find the user interface intuitive and simple to use. Nobody wants to read a manual of instructions. They just want to open it and get started. Everybody wants things simple and as fast as possible. Making a reliable and fast-to-use app is a winning combination because users will be happy to open it again and again. By the way, if you promise sleek, fast performance, the app needs to deliver.

  1. Make it Universally Available

Once you have your great app idea, you'd better be sure it is developed for multiple platforms. Being limited to just Apple or Android, or even Windows, will be a huge turn off.  Maximize how many people can download your app. Need help here? Click here and also see point 6.

  1. Proliferation of Market

Increasing awareness of your app improves your chances of turning it into a million dollar app. This is where marketing comes in. An app doesn't market itself. Sure, some ideas go viral, but even those needed solid marketing to create the right conditions. Many, many apps are just sitting in the app store waiting to be downloaded, but nobody knows about them.

  1. Get Help

Creating an app involves technical work. Even for the simplest one. Coding for iOS requires knowledge of Objective-C, while Android involves understanding Java. You need a web developer that not only knows the ropes but also picks up new techniques and languages as a matter of routine. That developer will be a great help also in marketing your - hopefully - million dollar app idea.

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