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Signs Your Business is Ready to Hire a Web Development Agency

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Signs Your Business is Ready to Hire a Web Development Agency

Sometimes your business simply needs a little reboot. One way is to re-design your website to boost your online presence, drive quality traffic, and convert them into sales with seamless functionality.

Recognizing the signs that a website needs attention is only the start. How to change it is the issue. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box. Your internal web guy may protest, but he is too close to it all. There comes a time when you should turn to people who absorb the daily developments in online business dealings… it's time to hire a web development agency.

It's worth it.

Signs Your Website Needs Professional Help

  1. You're not proud of it like you used to be. Your website is the window to your business and should stir strong pride in you. It’s meant to be a good reflection of your brand, but if you find yourself envious of competitors’ sites, it may be time to go to specialists.
  2. Poor ranking on search engines. If search engines can’t find your website easily, you can bet your customers can’t either. A number of factors influence SEO, including website design, coding, content, images, meta descriptions, links and site indexing.
  3. You’re getting traffic but no leads. If your bounce rate is high, there's a definite change needed. It means your site isn't grabbing a visitor’s attention.
  4. Not mobile optimized. If your website isn't optimized for mobile devices, conversions will definitely be down. Time for a design change because a bad mobile experience will cost you customers.
  5. IT department rehashes old ideas. When you identify a problem with website performance and your IT people produce solutions that are simply old ideas with minimal tweaks, it's time for fresh minds that are immersed in the excitement of non-stop web development progress.

Reasons to Hire a Development Group

Web design is crucial to convey the right message to your target market and make an immediate connection. Content, appearance, graphic design, navigation and visibility are vital. The interface should be user friendly, while presenting a professional image of your company. Search engine optimization must be employed to increase your visibility in search results.

Web design agencies are the smart choice for this work.

  • Experience and skill. Think of them like specialist doctors who are highly trained and stay up to date with a non-stop stream of developments. Better yet, think of them like a doctor who doesn't dictate but listens to you and offers comforting guidance, steadiness, cheer and expertise.
  • Direct communication. The wrong agency will provide an account manager who conveys your messages to the design and development team. The right agency will not have such tiresome hierarchy and the contact point for you will be hands on in the trenches. Communication will be simple, clear and immediate.
  • Cost. But, wait… won't it cost more? No! You may be tempted to go to a freelancer because he is cheap and doesn't have other overheads. But the right agency will be at your beck and call, and will do the job right first time with far fewer callbacks and far less tweaking. The agency is also guaranteed. Add up the time saved and the hassle averted and you get big bang for your buck.
  • Your internal web guy may not be the ideal project manager. Meanwhile a freelancer will focus on only one task at a time. An agency will be more invested in your project, giving it the priority it deserves.

If you are seeing the signs that your website is suffering, think about why you need to hire a web development agency. They will offer you a complete solution and be your friendly partners to help you grow.

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