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Questions to Ask Before Building an App for Your Business

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Questions to Ask Before Building an App for Your Business

An application framework provides building blocks for app development that takes a lot of the legwork out of writing code. It's essentially a software library that developers can draw on to build custom apps for a business. It consists of common software code that can be used across the different modules that might be used in an app.

What's the Right Application Framework?

No surprise here: We strongly recommend Drupal for custom apps.

If certain building blocks for developing an app are missing from the framework, program code has to be written from scratch. This consumes time, energy and money. Obviously, some code work is necessary for creating any custom app, so you want to take the simplest and least problematic route

Look into these questions before you choose an app framework:

  1. How flexible is it? How extensive is the library of software code? How suitable is it for your specific environment?
  2. How scalable is it? Will it be able to accommodate new demands as your business grows?
  3. How accessible is it? Different frameworks will have varying degrees of accessibility to software code.

Drupal answers all these questions successfully - way better than WordPress - and provides one of the most robust frameworks for developing custom apps. By offering open source software to developers, it has a major advantage over many other application frameworks.

Can Other Platforms Offer as Much as Drupal?

Drupal may be best known as a content management system, but it is increasingly being used as an application framework for web development. It is free, open source software that can be used to manage many types of websites.

Because of its strong developer community, the Drupal framework is very versatile, enabling it to be used for developing a wide range of custom web apps. It also provides excellent tools for creating, importing, curating and publishing content.

One of Drupal’s strengths is its recognition of 181 languages, allowing developers across the globe to work with it. Multi-lingual websites can be developed using Drupal’s central translation platform, thus enabling content authors to work in the language of their choice. This is a huge advantage for developing custom apps.

Drupal vs WordPress

Although Drupal does not have as big a user base as WordPress, it does have significant advantages. WordPress is pitched at your average blogger, while Drupal is designed specifically for professional web and app developers.

  • Identity. A developer can use Drupal to build a truly unique custom app, not only in function but in appearance and layout. With WordPress's free themes, there’s always the possibility that your website can look like a competitor's.
  • Drupal has more features than WordPress. Drupal is favoured by corporate entities, NGOs and government departments, while it is gaining traction and popularity with smaller organizations that realize they need to advance their online functionality.
  • Scalability. Originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress does not have the ability to process large volumes of content and is slower as a result. Drupal can support a website that has thousands of pages and can accommodate thousands of users simultaneously.
  • Security. The many plug-ins used with WordPress leave you vulnerable to hacking. On the other hand, Drupal has enterprise level security, which is one of the reasons it is favoured by governments.

So, before you start coding and designing, think carefully about more than just how your app will look. You need to consider how it will function, as well as its capability to grow and adapt. Use Drupal for custom apps and retain your competitive edge through a stable and scalable web presence.

For custom app development, talk to a professional web development agency that has extensive experience in working with the Drupal platform and can help realize your vision.

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