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Five Businesses That Could Benefit Most From Having a Drupal Website


Five Businesses That Could Benefit Most From Having a Drupal Website

There are many valid reasons why businesses should use Drupal to power their websites and promote their products and services. As a CMS, it offers an enterprise of any size huge benefits in customization, flexibility, functionality and scalability.

Here are five types of businesses that should use Drupal and enjoy the significant advantages offered by the platform.

IT Consultants

Image removed.In their highly competitive market, IT consultancies need a CMS platform that offers powerful marketing tools. Drupal fits the bill by having the capacity to process changes in marketing drives for services to reach the market rapidly and effectively.

Drupal has the high tech capability and functionality to:

  • promote products and services
  • innovate marketing campaigns
  • facilitate A/B testing to determine the best campaign options
  • drive local marketing campaigns via its multi-lingual capability
  • enable collaborative marketing content creation on a global scale.

News Channels

News channels and outlets need an online tool that can process and publish news stories quickly in any region of the world. Drupal enables a news outlet to develop a content creation and publishing workflow to meet its needs precisely.

There are several key benefits here:

  • It provides the core functionality to create editorial interfaces that enable fast creation of articles.
  • A content creation interface can be customized to eliminate the need for formatting and allow authors to focus solely on producing content.
  • Drupal offers a robust and scalable platform to publish fresh content at any time.
  • It has the built-in capability for responsive web design that enables the customized design and creation of an app that will afford readers optimal access to news across all devices.


Drupal is a phenomenal platform for eCommerce enterprises through its powerful, integrated module, Drupal Commerce:

  • Seamless content creation. Drupal Commerce is the only commerce platform available that is built on a CMS. You can connect products and content seamlessly to drive online sales.
  • It is highly customizable and can be configured to suit the way you conduct business. The module enables you to harness its merchandising and SEO tools to provide a rich user experience. It can accommodate all types of items that need unique payment models, making Drupal Commerce the most flexible eCommerce solution.
  • Ease-of-use. Easy creation of a customizable workflow that makes it an ideal fit for eCommerce. It is simple for non-technical staff to make changes and test new ideas.
  • Open source. Unlike most other CMS platforms, the module is free to download and open source, yet offers higher quality, greater innovation and faster speed.

Creative Agencies

While creating unique, engaging content to promote their clients' brands, creative agencies also need a platform that allows them to scale web presence as clients grow. Drupal provides:

  • Flexible content management. Create many types of content - news articles, events, product listings or photo galleries.
  • Design freedom. The advanced theme capabilities are far more sophisticated than those of WordPress. The number of template files is small and you get a scalable front-end.
  • Enhanced security. WordPress is often hacked. Drupal has a well-earned reputation for being more secure. It is the CMS of choice for government websites for this reason.

Higher Education Institutions

Reports indicate that 28% of all .edu websites use Drupal. It is used by 71 of the top 100 educational institutions and virtually all the Ivy League universities in the USA.

  • It is license free, which makes it attractive cost-wise.
  • It has a vibrant community, which has great appeal for an academic environment.
  • Drupal supports the establishment of a dedicated educational community to facilitate collaboration.
  • It is scalable, flexible and customizable.
  • Drupal supports a decentralized authoring model, a tremendous benefit for different faculties or departments.

These are just some examples of businesses that should use Drupal and enjoy its benefits. Your business can achieve the same success by contacting Drupal gurus to design and develop a powerful website for you.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Snowbot and a clickable link back to this page.