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Five Benefits of Using Drupal Modules for Your Custom Website

Five Benefits of Using Drupal Modules for Your Custom Website

Five Benefits of Using Drupal Modules for Your Custom Website

A custom Drupal website offers the kind of stability and functionality that's hard to come by from other sources. It makes your business website a true business and communications hub, not merely a pretty electronic advertising brochure. Drupal is a comprehensive and full-featured content management system. Its modules can be utilized by content developers to create a robust frontend experience. The following benefits of using Drupal modules for a custom website are just the beginning of what's possible.

  1. A Simpler and Friendlier Drupal

Modules make using Drupal easier. People who are not as experienced in coding and development may find Drupal on its own to be daunting and filled with idiosyncrasies. With modules, every developer of a custom website, regardless of experience level, can have complete control over everything. So can the end-user. Drupal modules mean more efficiency and less guesswork.

  1. Small, Simple Modules Aren’t a Burden

When Joomla, for example, releases new modules and updates to make things 'easier', they are often gigantic and bloated. A CMS needs functionality, not additional complexity and weight. Drupal modules are smaller, less complicated and allows the developer to cherry pick what's needed and avoid being bogged down with useless material. In other words, each module meets a specific need. Perfect when creating a custom site.

  1. Thousands to Choose From

The Drupal community is a truly awesome thing. Users of Drupal are incredibly loyal and helpful. They go above and beyond the call of duty to create modules for everyone to use. And they do it for FREE. Over 16,000 modules from security to SEO are there for the taking. Find the ones you need to incorporate the specific functionality you want into your custom website.

  1. Scalable on a Massive Level

Video gaming is an enormously popular thing and the idea of open world is by far the singular greatest thing to happen to gaming. Drupal is kind of like the open world gaming version of content management systems. By this, I mean that users can scale Drupal to however big they want it to be – there are no limits. This is one of the reasons why developers creating custom websites choose Drupal. Other CMS platforms will develop issues when you grow your site to a certain size. Not with Drupal. You can expand from 5 or 10 pages to several thousand (yes, I said SEVERAL THOUSAND) without significantly altering the programming.

  1. World Class Security on a Budget

Ever notice how many CMS platforms offer basic security free and then charge fees for more powerful add-ons? Tight security to protect yourself, your customers, and your entire backend should really be a right. For this reason, Drupal is most likely the CMS for you. Websites like NASCAR and the White House trust Drupal for security, so you can, too.

That just scratches the surface of the incredible benefits of using Drupal modules to develop your custom website. Talk to true Drupal leaders in the market to find out how amazing these free modules can be. Once you get that website started and designed, the sky's the limit.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Snowbot and a clickable link back to this page.