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Drupal - the Best Platform to Build Custom Web Applications?

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Drupal - the Best Platform to Build Custom Web Applications?

Some companies are content with a relatively simple website that merely imparts information about their products or services to visitors. But for most businesses these days, that is not enough.

Customers want an interactive experience with companies via their websites, particularly via apps.

They want instant information and instant communication.

The way to provide this immediate interaction capability is by building web applications.

There are many platforms for building web apps. Each promises to be the best. So, what's the deal? There are two ways to know which is best for you: either try different platforms or follow the research and recommendations of industry experts. Could it be that, with Drupal, web applications are more robust, flexible, functional and supported? Let's see.

Why Drupal?

Drupal is a trusted content management system (CMS) used worldwide. Yes, so is WordPress and others. But WordPress has limitations that Drupal has overcome. For example, WordPress has security issues that can be difficult to stay on top of, probably because it is pitched at your average blogger rather than dedicated app developers. After considerable time and effort promoting itself as user friendly and intuitive, user experiences with WordPress have indicated otherwise. Meanwhile it's tutorials are not particularly helpful or even adequate and it struggles with SEO unless you include the right plug-ins. And often the biggest WordPress problem is that its developers provide no meaningful support and rely on the goodness of its community of users to spread helpful tips.

Yes, both WordPress and Drupal involve coding work for creating apps. That is inevitable for apps. But there are significant benefits to using Drupal for developing web applications.

  • Customization. Drupal is far more customizable. It is perfect for small and medium sized enterprises operating in any niche or market sector, with high-end solutions for virtually all applications.
  • Yes, the user community provides advice for other users, like WordPress, along with custom modules. But Drupal itself provides good support and tutorials.
  • Drupal provides high performance business tools that facilitate easy scalability of application development as a business grows.
  • Multi-language. Drupal offers support for more than 150 languages.
  • Development speed. Stay ahead of competitors. Application development is quicker and doesn’t have the restrictions of most other platforms. This saves a ton of time and money.
  • SEO functionality. Drupal's modules provide powerful and sophisticated SEO functionality - hugely important in online marketing.
  • Mobile compatibility. Drupal accommodates the requirements of all mobile environments.
  • Social media integration. It is easy to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, other social media platforms, as well as other sites and web entities.

Drupal offers high performance business tools and is easy to maintain. It also provides APIs that make application development smoother and more organized.

Custom Web Applications

Web applications made with Drupal can be customized to suit the needs of any business:-

  • eCommerce solutions and online shopping cart systems
  • product specifications, pricing and stock information
  • ordering and invoicing
  • ticket systems for customer support and service
  • newsletters
  • communication forums for interaction with customers
  • surveys, opinion polls and other valuable feedback systems.

These are just some of the many web applications that can provide an enjoyable interactive experience for customers and stimulate business growth.

Do you need help with custom web application development? Contact a friendly and experienced Drupal developer who will not only build powerful apps quickly for that edge over your competitors, but will also take you through it all in easy-to-understand steps.

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