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Costs to Consider When Making a Drupal Website From Scratch


Costs to Consider When Making a Drupal Website From Scratch

Drupal is the best open source platform for website development, bar none. The deal gets sweeter with no acquisition costs for software, free downloads for modules, and a vibrant support community out there offering newly developed modules as well.

Of course, there are costs in developing a Drupal website. They depend on specific features and functionality, along with technical expertise. If your website is straightforward, you can limit your costs substantially by using the free modules. Meanwhile, for more complex websites that require customized features and functionality, the costs are higher.

If you want the best - the best UI/UX, the best graphic design, the best functioning, the best ecommerce functions, the best in-built SEO, the best database interaction, the best compartmentalization for big departments, and more - you need to pay for it. WordPress and other limited competitors simply can't compete in the business world against Drupal.

Let's put it simply: the cost of a Drupal website - simple or customized - is totally worth it. Always.

Phases of Developing a Drupal Website - Where the Costs Go

  • Business analysis and planning. Analyzing your business needs, then developing the scope of the project and defining the custom functionality you require. Planning includes allocating resources, as well as the talent and time required to complete the project.
  • Design and development. UI and UX design need to be figured out. Designing, developing and coding custom modules that will provide your site with the characteristics and functionality you want.
  • Testing and deployment. Before the website is launched, every aspect of its design and functionality needs to be checked on a test server.

More About Development Costs - the Stuff That WordPress Can't Always Handle

The cost of a Drupal website is all about complexity or simplicity. If you have nailed down your business needs and the site functionality required to meet them, you can eliminate the cost of a business analyst. The bulk of costs will be spent on design and development.

The lowest cost scenario is that you won’t need any custom development because the Drupal core functionality plus any downloadable modules will satisfy your requirements. If this is not the case, you need custom module development. Either way, you must ensure the modules integrate successfully with your business software and content.

Site navigation must be optimal, especially with the massive volume of mobile devices being used for internet browsing. Responsive web design doesn't happen by magic.

A designer is what you need to create the look and feel of the site how you want it. Design costs depend on the number and complexity of elements built into the site…

  • logo design
  • color scheme
  • spatial design - crucial for appearance, flow and readability
  • typography
  • images - eye-catching, responsive, even animated
  • videos
  • navigation menus
  • search function
  • call-to-action and associated buttons
  • company background information
  • contact info
  • social media linking
  • embedding social media feeds
  • ecommerce pages and functioning
  • seamless compatibility with Android and iOS apps

The design and development of your website has a major impact on the success or failure of your business. Cheaping out in today's market (filled with users expecting a flawless experience) gambles the future of your enterprise. Get a leading Drupal development agency to optimize the cost of resources needed to build a website that will ensure the ongoing prosperity of your business.

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