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Already Using Drupal? Four Signs It’s Time to Ditch the Template


Already Using Drupal? Four Signs It’s Time to Ditch the Template

A website template can sometimes be the best option - when the content you want to create is simple or if you’re just starting out in business. At times like those, template websites are cheaper to use and faster to implement than creating a website from scratch.

But think for a moment…

Even if you’re using a Drupal template, there comes a time in the growth of your business when you need more functionality than the template is able to give you. There are a number of signs when it’s time to ditch the template and harness the full power of Drupal through custom web development.

  1. Your Website Has Limited Functionality

Drupal as a web development platform is designed to allow you to add modules to achieve the functionality you need in your website. However, any template has limits on the degree of flexibility you have in designing and developing your site.

Web development is moving at a tremendous pace, with new technology demanding the evolution of modules to match. Most templates are simply not built to accommodate this new functionality. It's far better to develop a custom website that will provide a robust foundation with the flexibility to incorporate new modules and functionality as your business grows.

  1. You Need to Automate Systems

Many templates may limit the amount of automation you can apply to your website. Custom development allows you to use Drupal’s capabilities to automate workflows, administrative systems, marketing and sales processes.

Business automation has become essential to increase customer satisfaction and streamline operational efficiency. It's vital to improve user experience throughout your site, from e-commerce to query resolution and customer self-help.

  1. You’re Not Happy With Your SEO Results

Very often templates don’t give you the right foundation to improve SEO. It may start out all right, but with time you may see your rankings slipping further and further.

Search engine algorithms change regularly. Drupal custom development for your website can keep up with these changes by utilizing Drupal’s in-built SEO strengths to structure content for best results.

  1. The Security of Your Site is At Risk

It's a never-ending job to develop technology to combat security risks. A template may not have the capability to incorporate ever-evolving security modules.

Custom Drupal development can accommodate a number of important security enhancements:

  • Login Security Module. This limits the number of login attempts before blocking access.
  • Password Policy Module. You can configure password policies with this module.
  • CAPTCHA Module. This blocks automated login attempts.
  • Security Review Module. This makes recommendations for security enhancements.
  • Duo Two-Factor Authentication Module. This provides an extra layer of security for access to your Drupal control panel.

Possibly the worst thing to do is to soldier on with a website that is not delivering the results you need to grow your business. A website built on a template has a limited lifespan. Partner up with an expert Drupal web developer to create a custom site that will give you the business growth and power you need.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Snowbot and a clickable link back to this page.