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8 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to Drupal 8 Now


8 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to Drupal 8 Now

Have you heard about Drupal 8? Are you excited? Are you apprehensive? Are you thinking that it’s probably the best version but, like Xbox One’s limited range of games and apps thus far, it hasn’t got enough going for it yet?

Well, it’s time to change all that. We’re here to show you why upgrading to Drupal 8 now is the way to go.

  1. Better Security and Support

Drupal is known for its vibrant and supportive community, but this support extends really only to versions 7 and 8. If you’re still running Drupal 6, support is very lacking now and your site(s) could be vulnerable to security issues and problems with functionality that won’t be easy to repair.

The migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 is not difficult and it makes sense to skip Drupal 7. Same goes for migrating from another CMS to Drupal 8. You won’t need to upgrade again for a long time.

Drupal 7 users may be quite happy with the security and functionality of their websites. They also enjoy full support in terms of security updates and access to community developers. However, there are other reasons why you should upgrade to Drupal 8.

  1. Easy Responsive Web Design

Drupal 8 is designed with a mobile-first approach and uses a WYSIWYG editor. This enables you to select appropriate image dimensions for both desktop and mobile devices. Deploy content only once for optimal viewing across all devices and screen sizes.

  1. Faster Page Loading

Even one or two seconds extra in page loading speed is a big deal. Longer page loading times will almost guarantee lost visitors who may move onto your competitors.

Drupal 8 loads pages much faster than previous versions. It loads JavaScript only when required and it can recall content from the cache instead of loading it fresh every time it’s requested.

  1. Easy Integration With Third Party Software

Drupal 8 integrates easily with third party systems and software. Now, on top of having access to a vast range of Drupal modules, you can integrate data with almost any application to increase the functionality of your website.

  1. Flexible Theme Engine

Drupal 8 uses the theming engine based on PHP called Twig. Twig templates are written in syntax to create more eye-catching and functional sites. The engine is flexible and more secure.

  1. Enhanced Compatibility

Having the latest version of Drupal ensures it’s compatible with the latest technology like SASS, HTML5 and JavaScript.

  1. Better Content Management

The default WYSIWYG editor simplifies all aspects of editing. You can easily add, edit or delete content. The addition of CKEditor enables content editors to create drafts easily and edit content in any page without reverting to the full edit form.

  1. Easier Translation

Drupal 8 has many multilingual and built-in translation features for translating your content into over 94 languages. This is invaluable for companies attempting to establish a global footprint. You’ll also get automatic translation updates.

There’s no question that Drupal 8 provides enhanced features and functionality for a mobile-friendly site. Use it to enhance user experience and increase customer retention. It’s clear why you need to upgrade to Drupal 8 now and not wait any longer. Don’t miss this opportunity to give your business a boost. Contact experts in Drupal upgrades to assist with your migration to Drupal 8.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Snowbot and a clickable link back to this page.