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10 Organizations Offering Startup Funding You Need to Know About

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10 Organizations Offering Startup Funding You Need to Know About

Raising money may just be the toughest and most crucial step in getting your business up and running. Many people turn to crowd sourcing, which can be effective. But

there is also incredible professional support out there. Many international organizations offer startup funding for great business ideas and follow through with more than just money. We're proud to present a selection of organizations you could try.


Venture Capitalists vs Brokers

Before we start the list, there are differences between brokers and venture capitalists. Both can be helpful.

A venture capitalist is an individual or firm supplying startup funding. With luck, you’ll benefit from their knowledge along with their money.

A broker does not supply startup funding directly. It posts your needs to a network of potential investors and usually charges a fee when a deal is made.

The Venture Capitalists

It's a good idea to read up on any venture capitalist to see if it has provided startup funding to companies like yours. Some specialize in particular businesses and capped amounts. Some may specialize only in their given country, but many work globally.

  • Tekes (Finland). Finland is renowned for being progressive, especially in technology, and Tekes is up there with the best and most open-minded venture capital firms in the world. In addition to finance, Tekes offers support, expert advice, and global reach.
  • Advanced Technology Ventures (USA).This firm has invested in Tripwire and AppIQ. If you need startup funding for IT, software, and digital media, they are worth contacting.
  • Foundation Capital (USA). Among their investments are Netflix and SimplyHired. If your new business is about consumer solutions, energy innovations, or application technology, then Foundation Capital may be a good starting point.
  • DreamIt Ventures (USA)Definitely a global operator as well as a US one. They specialize in web applications, medical devices, even the physical sciences. With deals including Livewire and Brideside, they’re always looking for the next winner.
  • General Catalyst Partners (USA).Seeking a venture capitalist with an interest in new media, consumer innovations, and the service industry? GCP's investments include Kayak, AirBNB, and Snapchat.
  • Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers (USA).KPCB is like a Who’s Who of tech investors having provided startup funding for giants like Amazon, Google, Twitter, and SnapChat. One of the premier partners in the consumer and enterprise digital field.

The Brokers

Image removed.Although they don't provide the funding themselves, brokers could be your great ally by promoting you and your ideas to a huge network. You get put in front of far more investors than you could organize yourself.

  • OneVest (USA).This popular broker gives you a 60-day free trial to post your business and funding needs. Its valuable resources include how to pitch your business. You can find startup funding but also bring on a co-founder.
  • Gust (USA).Working in over 80 countries, Gust is a global force for bringing entrepreneurs together with over 45,000 investors. They don't offer deal making. Instead, you make connections with potential investors until you make a deal offline.
  • F6S (UK).Based in the UK, F6S gets you in front of a network of 35,000+ investors. There is no fee for closing a deal. It’s a full-service broker and should strongly be considered.
  • IvyCamp (India).This huge India-based broker provides a resource to new companies worldwide.
  •  GREX (USA).GREX operates worldwide and is unique in how it connects investors to companies. It’s a lot like a stock exchange where investors discover a company and track it.

You can get more ideas and advice by talking with your website design and development partners, as well. They are well accustomed to everything that startup ventures go through and can be an incredible resource and support.

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