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10 Common Drupal Issues That'll Have You Crying for Drupal Support

10 Common Drupal Issues That'll Have You Crying for Drupal Support

10 Common Drupal Issues That'll Have You Crying for Drupal Support

While Drupal is the top CMS on the planet, of course that doesn't mean every developer, designer and user doesn't experience some problems. As any software or platform might get things wrong, you'll want to pull your hair out and yell for support. Thankfully, the most common Drupal issues are simple to fix, be it by adjustment or through asking the Drupal community or by enlisting the support of a web development firm specializing in Drupal. If you use the best, it stands to reason you should be backed up by the best. There's a good list of support resources here. Meanwhile, keep your hair on! Here we go with the top 10 issues.

  1. Can’t Edit Pages

One of the most common Drupal issues is the inability to edit simple content pages. It could be something as simple as an input format issue. Sometimes, people try to edit a format they don’t have access to. Dedicated Drupal gurus can fix it in a flash. It's always a good idea to have external expertise instead of overloading your internal IT people.

  1. Changes to Theme Don’t Show

When you make theme changes that simply don't show up, it may seem like a massive problem, but it is easily remedied. Turn off caching, clear it, or call your support team for specialized help.

  1. Anonymous User Content Has Vanished

Many websites get the majority of their traffic through anonymous users. These are people who mask IP addresses, don’t provide e-mail addresses, or have cookies turned off. Regardless of why, they’re important. Listing their content is not a good thing but don’t worry. Good Drupal support has your back and can walk you through resetting the UID value thanks to issues involving MySQL.

  1. Pages Take Too Long to Load

Nothing is more aggravating than a web page taking ages to load. It’s the sort of thing that can make you contemplate destruction of property. The cause could be caching or even poor compression. This is one of those common Drupal issues that, again, your support team/community can solve quickly.

  1. White Screen of Doom

So you're surfing through your pages and then out of the blue: white. The dreaded blank page staring at you. Literally nothing. You don’t even get an error. Don’t fret and don't give up on Drupal. It's not the platform. It happens sometimes and for a multitude of reasons. Yes, again, support is the quickest solution.

  1. Sir Spamalot Comes to Blogtown

No one enjoys SPAM in their inbox let alone showing up in their blogs. It's become pretty common., but it's very fixable. By now, you've got the gist of this blog and already know that backup help is an awesome investment.

  1. Theme Function Override

There are some circumstances that require you to override certain functions within a theme. The template files really don’t like change. Get outside help to walk you through the steps to create change.

  1. Broken Layout

StyleSheets can be a chore to deal with even under the best circumstances. If you’re working in Drupal and then the layout looks all weird, something is broken within the cache (maybe). There are several reasons and solutions to try.

  1. Overridden Alias

So, you have a custom URL. That’s great. The problem? It keeps getting overridden. When you want to maintain a presence, this is very important. It’s also easily fixed.

  1. Vanishing Images

We love embedding images. But they're no good if they keep disappearing. The input format is the culprit of a few common Drupal issues.

Just know that the issues above (and any others) are fixable if you enlist a real support team. Don’t give up. When the car you love has issues, you call an ace mechanic rather than ditch the car.

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Snowbot and a clickable link back to this page.